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Unto The Hills...


I recently printed this one for my mothers living room wall.

She wanted a verse on it... I lift my eyes unto the hills... From whence cometh my help. (My new favorite Lord of the Rings font - Aniron.)

It looks nice printed 36 inches wide, but I wonder sometimes...

What do you guys think? Honestly.

(Its kind of tiny... I had to make it small to fit the 225kb upload size.)

Gavin Seim:
Cool. Honestly... I think it's nice and making a nice wall presentation showed it at it's best. But I feel at a root level it's just another landscape and it could have been a lot better with slowing down and trying to make more than just a photo. Focusing on making a perfect capture.

With landscapes in particular the standard is extremely high if you want something that stands out. But it's so rewarding.


Thanks Gavin...

Honestly that's kind of how I felt about it too, deep down in my heart. It is may be one of my "better" pieces so far... but like you say it leaves some room for improvement.

I think the thing that I kick myself the most for is that I pulled over, grabbed the camera and the only lens I had with me, a 50mm, ripped off 57 (it may have been 58) pictures to stitch together to get this final image. Once I had those shots I stopped, jumped back in the car and rolled on down the road.

A few more minutes. Looking at it from some different angles. Thinking it all through a bit more... (Zone system? I didn't even know it existed at this point...) Well... you get the idea.

Sometimes I almost despair with myself. I mean really, I tell other people to slow down and think about what they are shooting... Maybe I should too.

Whew... now I have all that off my chest!

Gavin Seim:
Don't feel bad, this is so common. The digital age is a rush and everyone just runs around snapping. The good news is this give us opportunity to raise the bar.

Take the 111 Challenge my friend...


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