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Rock Meets Sky...


One last try... (I think something got goofed on my previous two attempts. If I'm somehow double posting I apologize...)

Curious about your opinions on this particular image.


Gavin Seim:
Honestly Eldon I think it lacks direction. What's the subject. I mean I know you have awesome clouds and these cool crags, but the highlights on the rock are brighter then the ones in the sky, while the sky is dominating so much surface that it pulls too.

My eye is not settling on anything. Remember every image needs one subject. All the rest is supporting cast.

I do like how you used space here. I just think this one while nice, is not really there.

Thanks for the feedback Gavin... That's exactly what I wanted - your honest opinion.

I've realized recently that I haven't gotten much "real" feedback on my work. Besides the people who say "nice photo" or something like that. I tend to show my work in a bit of a vacuum. (Mom... Family... Friends...) I respect the PPS community so I thought this might be a good place to find some honesty and some constructive criticism.

So thanks...

Gavin Seim:
Good on your for posting Eldon. It's takes guts to go for unbiased feedback, but it's what we need. There's too much schmoozing in this industry and now enough reality. That's also why I like pro competitions. They really make you think.


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