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This is a place to learn. Be honest, be nice.


Gavin Seim:
This board is a place to post your pictures. To critique, to praise, to be critiqued. Give kind but honest feedback. Expect the same. Jump right in and post no matter what your skill level, but bear a few things in mind.

This is not meant to be a group where everyone says GREAT JOB no matter what. Don't be afraid to give honest thoughts. If you love it, say so. If it needs work, say that too.

Be kind, be helpful, be encouraging, but if you don't want honest feedback & if you don't want to know if how work could be improved, then don't post.

Happy Learning... Gavin  ;)


I hope that you and your family are having the best Christmas ever. 

Please give your wife,son, and yourself my utmost regards. 

Thank you for all of your help.

I discovered your podcast and webiste early this year and it has been the best thing for me in the world.  Hearing from all of your guests, learning techniques, and most importantly, your product recommendations (the R-strap is the greatest invention of all time, why didn't I think of that?)have made a great difference in my venture.

I am not trying to start a photography business because I need a job, I have a very pleasant and profitable one.  You are helping me to free the lady that I love from her job.  Thank you and everyone on the forum for your assistance in this.  This is extremely important to me.

I hope to meet and interact with everyone here in the coming year and hope that I can share what I have learned and receive from those that can teach me more. 

Good luck to you all,

Rob Higdon
Bardstown, KY

Gavin Seim:
Thanks Rob. I'm glad your gleaning useful info from all this.

Gavin, How do i post my pics on here. Iv just opened my account and havent got a clue??
Thanks Amy

Gavin Seim:
Click "Additional Options..." under the post area. Then attach pictures from there/


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