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Pro Myths (pt.1 Camera Gear)
« on: May 05, 2011, 02:30:51 PM »
In photography today we have a slightly different push on gear and rules than we had even 13 years ago.  We are all biting our nails over the reemerging "Mega Pixel War,"  I know that you thought that it was over.  We are constantly being told we need faster more expensive glass and we need to have cameras with a higher ISO range to be considered a pro.  Also I hear a ton of chatter about how professionals always shoot at full manual and select specific white balance for every shot.  I want to believe that all of those things make sense but they all don't.  The expensive gear make taking better photographs easier but they don't necessarily make your images better.
 So the question arises what can you do to make better images with the gear you already have?  Obviously if you already dropped $2,000+ on a camera body then you have a great starting out point but what about those of us who were more conservative with our dollar and went for an "armature" camera.  Can we still make great images that can compete with the big boys like the Canon Mark 4 or the Nikon D3x.  Well of course, you just have to think outside the constraints of what Canon and Nikon are telling you!  To start out with I have said to those that are trying to upgrade "Wow do you really need all of that camera?"  I am constantly aware of the need to keep up with the latest and the greatest, but it's like having a Ferrari when you’re not rich.  You look cool and you feel cool, but chances are you'll never drive the car to its full potential because a flat tire can cost over a thousand dollars, a scratch can cost way more than that.  The same is true of high end photo gear, you have this desire to carry around you shiny new Nikon D3x ($7999.99 list) and you may have had the money in cash but what you didn't think of is all of the gear that goes with it.  Your rig is only as strong as its weakest link, so now you need FX full frame glass.  They start at $2,000 bucks for a generic 24-70mm that same lens will $800 for a DX camera.  I am not saying that the FX camera isn't a better solution, the full frame sensor is great and I have loved the extra bump in clarity.  But is it about $1,200 better, in a word NO.  If you buy an FX camera you need the FX lenses otherwise the DX on the FX body will chop your resolution in half, at that point you may be asking yourself 'why did I just pay $8,000 for a 12 mega pixel camera?'
There are some great full frame solutions for every major pro company, and not every lens is that expensive.  That being said if you can rip yourself away from "Keeping up with the Pro's," I have a better solution for you get a Canon 7d or Canon 60d, grab a Nikon D300s or the new D7000.  These are great cameras super high resolution perfect color and tonal controls as well as features that are almost uncountable. 
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Re: Pro Myths (pt.1 Camera Gear)
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Hey dougla,

How are you? Great Post, Very informatics... I just newbie and I have read your post. Very good point you raise and Explain... Great Idea's to share your knowledge and increase your qualification through out These kind of Forums.