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is there a fog or smoke preset

There aren't in Lightroom in regards to presets; however, you might be able to do it in LR with some crafty work with the brush tool (lower the clarity, mess with the exposure, maybe lower the saturation some or add a color adjustment to it) by layering brushes. It's probably not the best choice for this though.

The easiest way - and it'll probably look a lot nicer - would be to take it into photoshop and apply some smoke/fog/cloud brushes or there's even a render clouds option in there as well so you might be able to mess with that some.

To really make the smoke or fog yours, I would suggest actually taking some photos of some smoke and stuff then turning them into brushes yourself. I do this with pretty much any pattern that I think might look good in something else or one that I might want to use again - clouds, trees, sun flare, etc...

When you're talking about actually adding/rendering some other things into a photo that weren't there originally, Photoshop is really where you should be working. But hey, if you can get something to look great like that in LR, I would love to see it! :headbang:

Gavin Seim:
Ya +1 with AJ. If you're trying to get fog or smoke effects it's time to dig into PS.

I've look at that option.time to open up CS5.thanks


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